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Table Tennis Robot

Table Tennis Robot

Name: Table Tennis Robot
Model: TG-787
Color: Champagne
Weight: 11kg/20kg
Package Size: 97*55*42m
1. Structure: large diameter double-wheel mechanism.
2, Rotation: nine different rotation.
3. Delivery frequency: 30~100 (ball/min).
4. Delivery speed: 4~40 (m/s).
5, Ball landing point: the whole Taiwan 9 landing points.
6, Ball Angle: adjustable range ±45 degrees.
7. Five service modes:
(1) Fixed-point mode: randomly select a service landing point.
(2) Random mode: a. 1-9 landing points of the whole Taiwan.
B, Left half station 1~5 drop point.
C, Right half station 5~9 drop point.
(3) Self-editing mode: the service mode of the landing point program programmed by the self-editing program.
(4) Random short and long serve mode: random mixed short and long serve for the whole table, the left half, the right half and the long and short serve.
(5) Test setting service mode: the service procedure set according to the content and time requirements of the test subjects.
8. Six functions:
(1) Memory function: automatic memory programming and drop point.
(2) Automatic point finding function: error correction drop function.
(3) Automatic stop protection function: in case of sundries stuck ball, the machine will stop automatically and the indicator light of the operation box will flash.
(4) Timing/counter: the number and time of balls set by digital display.
(5) Self-editing program: according to the training requirements, the program can be edited and stored in the 9 designated drop points.
(6) Restore factory Settings: restore to the service parameters set at the factory.

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